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say hello to getting rad with dad

my name is Patrick, and I entered the world of being a dad in 2007 when my wife Carolyn and I welcomed our son Cooper in this great big world. I never believed when people would tell me "your life is going to change.. completely" when you're a dad. life was already good, so what was that gonna mean? fortunately for me, they were right but in the best kind of way. it's amazing to explore the world through the eyes of my kids. We had another little boy named Charley Finn in 2011! oh, and even another in 2014 with the addition of Oliver Holden! It's a non-stop party!

Even before having kids, I've always wanted to walk the line of being the best dad I could be, while also being a great friend too. this blog is a documentation of that journey.  not only is it a reminder to me and the little dudes of the things we've done, but also hopefully a reference to other rad dads. so here we go...  the rad adventures, the rad gear we're playin with, the rad projects we're makin, and then some more. thanks for stopping by. see ya.

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