Tuesday, September 17, 2013

KICKING AND SCREAMING! but just mainly kicking.

intense coaching moment
Soccer season started up this past weekend! This year we officially have a TEAM, and we're the...... NEON NINJAS!
Coop put in some good time thinking of possible team names based on our fluorescent yellow jerseys. The Treasure Hunters, the Golden Cheetahs, the Yellow Cheetahs.... then we both got really stoked on being the SLIMERS, but realized that reference (Ghostbusters, of course) may go over the average 5-years old's head.  We had a quick vote at our team meeting, and the Neon Ninjas just barely won over the Cheetahs.  For Coop, it was a crash course on team politics, but I guess you gotta learn to go with the flow. 

For our Boys under 6 league, we split up the team into 2, so we have 2 games going on at once. This may sound confusing, but it's awesome because the games end up being 3 on 3, which makes for lots of action, and less of the "bee syndrome" when there is a pack of 20 kids chasing the ball.

One week in and we're lookin good!

Both of our teams won on Saturday, and Cooper had a goal! Most of all the SNACKS WERE AWESOME! 


-SUN SCREEN (we're big fans of SUN BUM)
-UMBRELLA / BLANKET / CHAIRS (whatever combo you dig works)
-tennis shoes to throw on after the game (for the soccer players, right?)

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