Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Hey! I'm back! 

I apologize for the fact that I took about a year off... but then again, not really.  It's been a great year, filled with too many adventures to count. Making art, cheap vacations, a new BABY BOY, and having too much fun with my crazy, radical family.

As I last left you, I was getting busy making hand-painted signs. Although that's still one of my active hobbies, I've been missing the blog life, as I do hold it dear to my heart. Plus, my wife Carolyn has been telling me to get back on the horse. :)

So here we are, welcome to the new year! As I said, making art has definitely become a focus for me during my free time... You can see me and my three sons hanging out at an art show I was fortunate enough to be a part of at a great space called Open House Creative in Costa Mesa, CA. The space offers art classes (and a whole lot more) for kids AND adults! Keep an eye out for a lot more about them on the blog soon, as well as ways to get your kids stoked about ART!

Next time on Getting Rad With Dad, I'll map out the itinerary from our action-packed road trip out to the Grand Canyon and back, complete with trips to the original Del Taco, "Flintstones Land", and an alien-themed diner!!


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