Friday, February 6, 2015


It sure is bittersweet when a TV show you connect with calls it quits. It was especially a bummer when Parenthood wrapped up their 6th and final season a couple of weeks ago. If you followed along, I hope the last episode was everything you wanted it to be... and if you haven't seen it at all, it's not too late! plenty of time to jump aboard and get all kinds of wrapped up. 

The main reason I dig it so much, is that as a parent, you really never know what's coming. Sure, you have your kid(s), and you know the basics of what you're going to have to tackle, whether it be potty training, riding a bike, etc. But what Parenthood did, was tackled those deeper issues that might not be in the front of your mind. They were able to present topics like bullying, Autism, employment, race, politics and a ton more, while also showing a whole range of methods to work through those issues. After (and during) every episode, my wife Carolyn and I would always talk about how issues were handled, and how we may have handled those issues if we were in those same shoes. The show provided a basis to dive into these issues, which most times you don't really get into you're actually waist-deep in them already. I came to the conclusion that I'm a mix of Adam and Crosby... :)

A few other reasons to love it:

-Created by Jason Katims, who also made the show FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS
-theme song is "Forever Young" by Bob Dylan, and the show featured some great songs from Vetiver, Nick Drake, and Wilco. 
-cast included Mae Whitman, who also played Ann (or Egg) on Arrested Development

For those who want to get super nerdy, you can head over to South Weddington Park, which is where the baseball field where the show collectively calls it a day. I'll post pictures soon!

So THANK YOU Parenthood. I miss you already. 


  1. I like to think I'm a "Kristina". Heart of gold, willing to fight for what's right, a little crazy. But you couldn't pay me a trillion dollars to start my own school!

  2. I cannot wait for my next illness or something when I can spend three days on the couch and catch up!! Haha.