Friday, March 13, 2015


I feel infinitely lucky to have been able to tour in a band for a good part of my life. Playing music is fun, but it's even more amazing to travel around the country, seeing how places are unique, meeting different people, and just taking it all in. We nearly put 500,000 miles on our tour van, and I seriously cherish every single one that we drove. Except for the ones where we broke down, those were terrible. 

Thought I'd share this radical video of my bud Forrest playin' a song about traveling around these crazy United States of ours, and what makes 'em so dang cool.

We're big fans of Forrest and his band HelloGoodbye. Always stoked to see him making cool, new stuff. And shoot, just stoked to see him in general cuz he's a good dude.  Thanks Forrest! 

If you're a teacher and wanna make this video part of your lesson plan, check out this PBS link here, they've got you hooked up!

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