Monday, January 14, 2013


I wish that I could just make this blog a zine that me and the dudes create every month down at the copy shop, but alas, we are in a digital world. (don't worry though, we WILL be making a zine in an upcoming project!) 
SO... here's just a reminder of a few different places that you can keep in the loop with all things GETTING RAD WITH DAD. All the links can be found over to the left, but thought I'd list them here real quick. Pick your poison(s).  

INSTAGRAM - this is my general Instagram account, so you'll see pics of the fam and I hangin out, as well as adventures of my own!

TWITTER - this is also a general account for me. Although Cooper has just figured out how to text message, so there's a good chance he'll say some hellos!

FACEBOOK - this page is dedicated to Getting Rad With Dad. Follow us here, and you'll be able to keep with with all the latest posts, and any giveaways or hot deals that are goin on!

BLOGLOVIN - another great place to keep up with the latest posts and other junk.  

Lastly, if you're up to helping me spread the word, here's a little graphic you can throw on your facebook page, twitter, instagram, or blog. 

And if you need a more hi-res version for your zine, just let me know :)

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