Saturday, January 5, 2013


ready to get wild
 The OC Zoo rules. Not only does it have a whole grip of awesome animals, but it's one of the cheapest zoos I have ever been too! It's located in Irvine Regional Park which is technically in the city of Orange. We were looking to get out of the house before a rain storm hit, so we decided to take a quick trip!


The Park charges 5 bucks a car to enter the park on the weekend... a couple dollars less during the week, and a few more on the holidays. The Zoo charges only TWO DOLLARS A PERSON! and they let the little ones 2 and under in for FREE. We're big fans of hittin up the San Diego Zoo from time to time, but the sometimes the size of that place can get overwhelming with the little dudes. The OC Zoo is just about the perfect size for a quick trip!  Here's a link to get a buy one get one free pass for trips during the week!


The Zoo has a great range of animals from birds and snakes, to a mountain lion and black bears. The dudes enjoyed comparing wingspans to the Bald Eagle, and Charley was stoked to HOOT with the owls.  We felt a little sad for the bored coyotes that seemed like they wanted to run for the hills, but the dudes got real  excited to feed and pet the goats in the petting zoo area near the end. 
(HOT TIP: bring some quarters to pick up some goat feed) 

the mountain lion hangin at his pool
helping the goat get his hair
to look good

As I said, the place isn't huge but all of the animals areas are close enough so that you can get a good look at 'em. When we were leaving we were lucky enough to run into a family of the wild peacocks that roam the park! After hanging with the peacocks we ate our packed lunches at some picnic tables, and finished just in time to hop in the car before the rain started!

We will definitely explore deeper into the Irvine Regional Park in the future because there's a handful of rad stuff to get into there... from bike trails and hiking trails, to the train ride and lake activities. 

See ya next time you wild peacocks. 

Stay rad. 

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