Tuesday, January 1, 2013


growing up in Southern California has had a few long lasting effects on me. I can't stay away from the beach, I could eat mexican food for just about every meal, aaaaaaand I'm a huge fan of just about everything John Reis, AKA Swami, AKA Speedo, etc. does. And what could be cooler but to share my love for one of his bands with my little dudes. Yep. Rocket from the Crypt is back with a new tune after about 7 years of quiet. They're one of a handful of awesome bands that are found on the new Yo Gabba Gabba: Music is Awesome, Vol 4 cd.

Rocket from the Crypt lends a new one (written by Adam Deibert of Yo Gabba, formerly of the Aquabats) called "He's A Chef". The video includes a rad cameo by Thomas Lennon (Reno 911, Wet Hot American Summer, the State). I'm a fan of it all.

Also on the record are some killer tunes from Peter Bjorn & John, Belle & Sebastian, Mariachi El Bronx, Biz Markie, and a whole grip more.

I've found these Yo Gabba cds have been huge in opening my little dudes up to other music. The Aquabats contributed a song called "Pool Party" to the Volume 2 cd, and now all the rest of the Aquabats cds are on rotation in the car on the way to school. Who knows, maybe tomorrow Rocket from the Crypt, tomorrow Drive Like Jehu?

Check out the cd from Amazon right over heeeeeeeere.

And while you're clickin on stuff, check out the video for "He's A Chef" below!!


  1. Love the blog (and of course the John Reis stuff).
    Did you draw all the icons and everything? super cool

  2. Thanks McHank! yep, I drew all these icons and stuff. had a good time doin it too :) How do ya like that new Night Marchers record?