Friday, January 25, 2013


 last week we were hangin out eating some apple slices, and Coop realized that his teeth were hurting. it weirded me out at first, knowing my mediocre luck with the dentist, but then after we took a look, we found A REAL DEAL LOOSE TOOTH! Cooper just turned five last October, so it's a little early for this sort of thing, but we were ready (I think). 

He was beyond stoked to tell all of his friends that he had a loose tooth, and to keep them up to date (even multiple times daily) of the degree of wiggle the tooth was at. 

I was nervous about telling him that it might be a little bloody when it comes out, cuz I didn't wanna make HIM nervous! Everyday we would marvel at the looseness, and keep an eye on its progress. Then one day, we were sitting around playing a board game, and Cooper said, "hey I think part of my tooth fell out." We looked on the ground, and there it was, THE WHOLE TOOTH! No blood or nothin (I guess I can wait til tooth number two to prep him on that!). 

So then it came time for the tooth fairy to deliver!

Cooper is a fan of coinage, because he thinks paper money is just, well.. paper. We had planned to get some special golden dollars for this occasion, but unfortunately, the tooth decided to bail on a Sunday, and we couldn't get to a proper bank. With some good advice, we sprayed a dollar bill with some hairspray, and spread some gold glitter we grabbed at Michael's on it. Cooper put the tooth in a bag appropriately titled with "my first lost tooth", and threw it under his pillow. In the morning, he was running around like it was Christmas. He found the glittered up dollar, and even had a little glitter on his pillow from the tooth fairy's swift pick up. 

First lost tooth was definitely a success on a fronts,

but I wanted to do another project to make the departure of the tooth a cool deal. I made up a 1" button that Coop could wear. Cooper and I are both big fans of 1" buttons, so I thought it would be rad to have a button to remember the event! Soon enough we've got a cool button makin' project we're gonna do too. 

Any other cool tooth losin' traditions you dig? 

PS. If you want a HEY! I LOST A TOOTH button for your little person, or even for yourself, hit me up with your mailing address and i'll send one out to ya!

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