Thursday, February 7, 2013


Sure enough, we've come upon the time of the year when you have to start booking summer camping spots!  head over to to find camping spots nearby, or a good place to take a roadtrip. the site starts booking sites 6 months in advance, and certain spots are tougher to reserve than others. this summer we're aiming to get at least one trip to a beach camping site, and one up to some mountains, and hopefully another trip or two will fall into place as well. 

Although we have a ways to go before we head out on our camping adventures, I wanna feature some of my favorite camping gear to bring out with the dudes. A while ago I came across the brand POLER at the Agenda tradeshow up in Long Beach, CA. They're an outdoors brand, with an emphasis on having a good time and enjoying this amazing world we live in. CAMP VIBES! They make a great range of products from basic soft goods (tees / hoodies / hats / beanies), to cool bags, to some awesome camping gear... which brings me to my favorite thing they make, THE NAPSACK. The Napsack is a hybrid sleeping bag and puffy jacket. It has arm holes, and an open bottom that can be cinched up around your knees. It also has a few pockets, and a hood! Cooper really digs jumpin into his to keep warm when the sun goes down, and then it makes the perfect transition into bedtime.
Poler makes a kids version which fits 3' to 4'6 tall, and they also make a version for adults (I have a matching Napsack, of course)! 

We were able to take our Napsacks on a few trips last summer, and they rule. As I said, it's a great way to transition into bedtime, but it's also a great way to start the day when it's just a bit too cold to get out of your sleeping bag. This way, you can cinch up the bottom around knee-high, throw on some shoes and get breakfast started. 
I love keepin the CAMP VIBES goin at home by wearing by Napsack around the house. It's nice when i'm up late working and end up passing out on the couch... I'm already wearing my sleeping bag!  

Poler also makes a handful of good stuff that will make it on our camping checklist... headlamps, tents, and heat bags.  

Any place you dig camping? LEMME KNOW!

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