Monday, February 18, 2013


Back in my "touring days", it was always a pleasant surprise to see we would be playing or passing through Portland, Oregon... not because of a rad venue, or a great crowd or anything.. but because it's home to one of my favorite donut shops ever, VOO DOO DOUGHNUTS. The place has a rad vibe with a voo doo worthy decor, and the donuts are insane creations dreamed up by pastry visionaries. Sure they've got the normal faves, but they've created donuts like the VOO DOO DOLL (chocolate frosted, jelly filled donuts with a pretzel stake), CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN (a vanilla frosted donut covered with Captain Crunch cereal), the BACON MAPLE BAR (a maple bar with real bacon on top), plus a bunch of VEGAN options. It's very cool, but unfortunately I haven't made it up that way with the family yet... 
here's a button we made for the occasion

But life just got a little bit better. Mark Trombino, a music producer responsible for records by Jimmy Eat World, Drive Like Jehu, Motion City Soundtrack (who are also big fans of the donut), Blink-182, Rocket from the Crypt, and a million others, will soon by opening a DONUT SHOP. aaaaaaand, it's in LOS ANGELES. yep, it's called DONUT FRIEND, and according to their blog it looks like they'll may be open by summer time! Now I know, you're sayin.. "ok, he can make a great record, but can he make donuts?" well, I don't have the answer for you yet, BUT, just by looking at the menu and the grip of amazingly named donuts, I think you'll have equally high hopes. From the Promise Ring, to Chocolate from the Crypt, to the Gorilla Biscuit, it looks like these are gonna be awesome. How could you go wrong naming donuts after a handful of my favorite bands. 

Did I mention you can BUILD YOUR OWN? and they have VEGAN options?  

So yeah, get stoked, check out the menu, and meet my and my little dudes there to grab a FUDGEGAZI or a GG ALMOND. 

On that note, I'll leave you with one of my favorite videos of FUGAZI. 


  1. Hey bro, huge limbeck fan seen you twice. I know you're touring w/your other band, but did you play in Portland?

    1. thanks man! haven't made it up to Portland in a while, although I'd really like to! hopefully sometime soon!