Friday, March 1, 2013


it's a constant goal of mine to keep my kids lookin' cool. Luckily some great friends of mine (Sam + Anita) started up a rad clothing company called Hello Apparel.  I met Sam and Anita out in Phoenix quite a while ago when I would head out for a weekend of shows. Anita was sweet enough to let us sleep on her floor on one of our trips... and Sam ended up playing in a rad band that we would do a handful of tours with, and become great friends.  Fast forward a bit, and Sam and Anita are married, with a super cool daughter named Lola, and they design some awesome clothes for little people and big people.
Their designs are simple and to-the-point, and they've become some of our favorite things to wear.   

The HELLO pullover sweatshirt has become a staple in our house ever since it arrived. The sweatshirts are crazy soft, and they magically get people to say "hi" to you whenever you enter a room. Pretty cool. Charley is really starting to appreciate the ABCs song, so he really digs the ALPHABET tee he got. He calls it his "ABs" shirt. 

Above is Charley playin some Space Invaders on the Atari in some cool leggings with Arrows on him. They're perfect for little girls, and fit like tight sweatpants for this little dude. 

This last shot is of a seasonal (for Valentine's day, of course) heart shirt that the dudes got a whole ton of use out of. what I am sayin.. they still wear these at least once a week :)

so hurry up and get over to the Hello Apparel site and grab something. they're always doing special offers and giveaways via their instagram so check that out too. we may even get some kind of special offer goin over here at GETTING RAD HQ, so stay tuned!

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