Sunday, June 2, 2013


During the day I work over at Volcom in the art department. This summer there are a couple of shirts I drew up that are part of the Featured Artist line!  I've been painting a series of PARTY WAVES at home on big 24"x24" pieces of wood, and I've adapted one into this LIFE IS EASY shirt.  The wave is throwin a shaka while bringing along some of his favorite stuff (pizza, a can of YUM and a crazy fish). Life is easy is also the name of one of my favorite Reubens Accomplice songs, if you were wondering  :)

There's also a DEEP SEA FISHING CLUB shirt, that was based off an old sketch of mine which featured a fish with a fishing pole, and it said "BE GOOD TO YOUR FRIENDS". The art then turned into the theme for Volcom's 2012 PEANUT BUTTER & RAIL JAM snowboard contest series... And then it was finally tweaked into DEEP SEA FISHING CLUB, where the old fisherman has a fish strung up, and his fish buddy seems to have caught a lost fisherman! 

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