Saturday, June 1, 2013


It looks like we might have a future chef on our hands. Or maybe just a kid that's appreciative of using a microwave! Whenever we see a play kitchen, Charley seems to be glued to it. We decided that it would be a good birthday present for the dude turning 2, so we scoped the internet for what play kitchens were out there. After some research, we decided that the choices were either too plain & simple, or too plastic and oddly colored. With some (or maybe a lot of) urging from my wife, I decided to go for it and make my own! Carolyn found a few good lookin' ones on Pinterest, and we moved forward with creating one out of an old night stand. She luckily scored one at a garage sale for only $10! Based on the size of the piece, I sketched out a rough idea of what I was going for.

I took some quick measurements, so I knew what to buy. I needed:

-some wood for the shelving I was going to attach to the top
-a faucet
-a bowl for the sink
-a few towel bars
-something to use as burners
-some knobs for the oven / burners

I went down to Lowe's to score some goods. 

I found a sweet deal on a little bathroom faucet w/ hot & cold knobs for $15. They also had a great deal on paint.. $3 for some mini samples of fun colors. I grabbed a couple of "sea foam green". 
I found a nice stainless steel bowl for the sink, and some little wood cabinet pulls to use as knobs for the burners. I couldn't find anything to use for the burners, so I ventured over to Michael's, where I found a sheet of 1/4" black foam (to cut circles out of). 

The only tool I had to pick up was a drill mounted circle cutter to create a hole for the sink and faucet. Below are a couple of pictures of the process. I started the hole with the circle cutter, and finished it with a jigsaw (on the left). 

On the right shows you can see the painted version, and the shelves starting to mount. I removed the lower door, and taped off a square in the center to appear as a dark black oven window. 


 And, here is our finished kitchen! Our friends and family showered Char with pots, pans, utensils, playfood and a killer microwave (that fortunately came with PIZZA!) so our little dude is ready to cook! 


  1. Please make me a new kitchen, too! Charley Finn's kitchen is beautiful. He is a boy who enjoys cooking!!! Love, Mom

  2. This is so awesome Pat!! Now he just needs some baking pans. :)