Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Down in my computer/music/art room, I've got a nice little turntable setup where I keep my vinyl collection. similar to my musical instruments down there, I like the kids to know they're welcome to play around down there and look through records, listen to 'em, and mess with knobs... as long as they're respectful :) I'm hoping that it helps instill an appreciate of music and record collecting when they get a little bigger. 
we'll see!

this past weekend Cooper and I decided to celebrate Record Store Day with a trip into the craziness up to Fingerprints record store in Long Beach. Although we missed the complete craziness when the store opened up at 6am, we made it up around 4pm. Our good friend Robb was nice to enough to get us in to see Jimmy Eat World play an acoustic set. 

We each decided to pick a record up to commemorate the day. I grabbed the new Kurt Vile LP, and I may have convinced Coop that the cover art on the Night Marchers / Mrs. Magician split 7" for Record Store Day was a good thing to grab. 

Coop dug the first song Jimmy Eat World played, but was soon askin "are we gonna leave soon?" honestly, i'm just glad that he decided to go with me! so we grabbed our records, picked up a milkshake (a reward for being awesome, in addition to the 7" of course) and hit the road back home. Someday, when he's older it'll be cool to remind him... "remember when you were 5, and we went to go see Jimmy Eat World on Record Store Day?"

Makin memories. 

oh, and here's a rad video teaser for the new Kurt Vile record. His kid is in it, too!

*top pic of me and Coop by Jen MacLean!

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  1. The Mrs Magician song on his 7 inch is one of the best they've ever done, so I think he chose well.