Thursday, April 11, 2013


man I love my kids so much. even after a really long day, I can come home and drag myself in the door, and just a smile and a "hey dad" can totally make a weird day into the best night ever. sometimes when Carolyn and I are out on our own, I'll look around for a second and say, "maaaaaaaaan the kids would LOVE this." or i'll be at a show or something where the vibe is a little tight, and i'll think, "if only Cooper or Charley were here, they would bust this whole thing open". It's pretty cool. 

that being said, it IS still pretty cool to sneak out with my wife every now and then to enjoy some time where we can focus on ourselves. have a nice slow conversation where we're not just discussing our grocery list, and jamming our faces with food so that we can hurry up and get the dudes in the bath, then off to bed at a somewhat decent hour so that the mornings are just a little bit easier. my point of this post stems from something pretty stupid, and petty of me to even bring it up. but it's late, and I'm not quite tired yet, so here I am. it's common to see people claim "Date Night" on a photo they post up on the dot com. or tossing in #datenight on the good ol' instagram. now if that's you, don't worry, I still like you. but I just feel like I need to clarify, date night for me could be anything where the kids aren't there. it could be a great dinner at my favorite mexican food place, and a movie. but it could also mean hitting the drive thru at del taco, and swinging by target to grab some paper towels, without the kids. if you don't have kids, just about everything you do with your significant other would be, TO ME, considered a date. and hey, I'm not even complaining! I remember an amazing date night that we had where we dropped the kids at my parents place, then had a quick dinner, and then walked the whole floor at bed, bath & beyond. it was awesome. so there we go. end rant </rant>. 

I value my time with all the people in my life. be it a date night, or whatever.

side note: I just got back from seeing the Evens play in San Diego. they're made up of Ian MacKaye and Amy Farina, who are a couple, and they have a five year old that they take on tour with them. They played promptly at 8 o' clock, with no opening bands, and finishing playing in just over an hour at which point Amy went back to hang with their little one, and Ian sold records. Maybe they consider their hour on stage together to be a #datenight? 

pick up their record from: DISCORD RECORDS here's a good tune from them:

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