Tuesday, March 26, 2013


we've been gettin a lot out of our weekends lately. between baseball games, birthday parties, and hangin out, we've had some good ones. here are a few recent highlights:
on our last weekend, we made a trip down to Zoomars Petting Zoo in San Juan Capistrano. It's a great little petting zoo with a hands on rabbit & guinea pig area, horse rides, a small train, some very hungry goats, and more! You can purchase a box of animal food (carrots & lettuce) for a couple of bucks when you enter, and that'll let you feed all the animals there. The carrots seem to be the most popular with the animals, but this guinea pig pictured here with the dudes seemed to really dig the lettuce. If you make it down to Zoomars, make sure to take a walk around the Los Rios district (which is where Zoomars is located). There are some VERY cool historic houses, a great park, and some amazing photo ops for the fam. 

This weekend, we made another trip down to Lowe's for some garage organizing projects, and we picked up another monster truck kit for Coop. Although this wasn't one of their official "Build & Grow" events, we were stoked to grab another monster truck to add to our collection. We had a hard time choosing between the truck and a good lookin' monster truck, but we decided the monster trucks would be able to race each other, total bonus! Cooper seems to be getting the hang of this hammering stuff, literally. He did most of the nails all by himself, until he had trouble with one of the wheels.. then I had trouble with it too, so we ended up using wood glue to get the thing on! We call it being resourceful!

 Charley and I ended the weekend up with a little jam session. He likes to pound on my guitars, one by one. I'd like him to grow up knowing the guitars are fun things to play, rather than me keeping them safe and out of reach from him. I definitely make sure he's not jumping on 'em, but some enthusiastic strumming is always good. We like to plug the electric guitars in with some fun fuzz distortion and weird delay effects, and make weird sounds. 

Good times!

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