Tuesday, July 23, 2013


After a few trips over to my work to see what I do, Cooper has decided that when he grows up he'd like to be an artist. (Well, other than when he decides he's rather choose the occupation of "ninja" or soccer player). So this past weekend we decided to load up the car and take a trip up to the Huntington Beach Art Center for an inspiring art adventure! I was especially stoked to head to the museum because it was the opening reception for the KUSTOM KULTURE 2 art show.  The show is the 20 year anniversary of the original event that took place in Laguna Beach. The exhibition covers a whole handful of crucial artists that made surf, car & motorcycle related art what it is today.  Cooper was especially excited because we both have Rat Fink bells on our bikes, and we would be able to see some ORIGINAL Rat Fink art by Big Daddy Roth himself! 
The show was a blast! Although Charley slept through the entire thing, Coop was hyped to see some original Rat Fink art that matched his bike. 

here's Coop posing with a few Big Daddy Roth pieces... A replica of the old Surfite-mobile, as well as an original pen+ink piece on paper called "JAWBONE!" You may recognize the car from the movie Beach Blanket Bingo!
Cooper was surprised that "all of this art was so famous even thought it wasn't in color!"  

Here's Cooper throwing double shakas with the original car from the Munsters Tv show! Although Coop is more of an Addams Family fan, he still thought the car was pretty rad. 

In addition to all of the classic artists on display (besides Big Daddy Roth there is also art from Von Dutch, Rick Griffin, Robert Williams, Basil Wolverton, Don Ed Hardy & more) there is a handful of rad contemporary art. After leaving one room, Coop walked head first into a photo of a topless girl in front of some classic cars dug nose first into the ground.. his instant reply was, "NO WAY!!!!!!"

When Coop was just about to run out of gas we ran into this piece which featured a big ol' skull, and it was by the artist named COOP. It capped off the night perfectly. 

The art show was a great adventure. Cooper got to see some amazing original art pieces by some classic artists, as well as some rad contemporary pieces. This isn't our first trip to an art show, but I know I'm going to keep them coming with the little dudes. I've realized I have to have a very relaxed time schedule because Cooper can easily go from "this is awesome" to "let's go home" VERY QUICKLY. but nothing a milkshake can't alleviate a little bit. And maybe someday all this art will rub off on him! 

If you find yourself anywhere near Huntington Beach this summer, do yourself a good one and make it by the show. It will be up on exhibition until August 31, 2013! 

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