Friday, August 16, 2013


Post- Irvine antique swap meet, but Pre- afternoon Angels game, we hit up the Irvine Farmer's Market for some Snowcones. It's true, snowcones can cure just about anything for my little dudes. Here we are enjoying some icy goodness at the Great Park.   

And if you were asking, yes, the Great Park in Irvine is pretty great. Sunday is Farmer's Market day (which also includes an assortment of food trucks), and every FIRST Sunday there's the Antique Swap Meet as well.  

This past Saturday we made our way over for the first event in the Summer Concert Series.  

We were lucky to catch the Aggrolites play their jam made famous from Yo Gabba, "BANANA". 

 The shows at the Great Park are FREE, you just gotta pack 10 bucks for parking. We brought our own food, but they have a couple of food trucks available as well. The shows take place on a big grass field, so if you bring some chairs and a blanket, you're good to go! 

On our way out we passed by the Art Gallery they have, and I noticed they've got a cool lookin' ZINE LIBRARY exhibit! Coop has promised he'll make the trip with me to check it out next time. I'll probably owe him a snowcone. 

PS. Up top Charley has got on an awesome summer shirt (tank top) from OF ONE SEA.

Carolyn has her summer uniform tee, which = the Hello apparel grey tank top. And in the bottom pics, Coop is wearing a THRASHER Magazine shirt, courtesy of my lovely friends at Thrasher. Cuz I know you wanna know... 

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