Sunday, September 29, 2013


Earlier this summer, our radical friends over at Tangled Tantrum sent over a few of their hair products for the little dudes to try out.  Off the bat we were sold on the product packaging... The detangler & conditioning spray has a dude hanging on a rocket ship headin off to space, while the hair gel and styling paste are sporting surf and skate scenes.  Both of my little dudes were open to using the stuff this summer because 1) they all smell amazing (especially the styling paste!) and 2) they all go on real easy and don't sting or get weird (alcohol free) and 3) the packaging.. I mean, right?  4) these products are HIS, so we don't have to use the weird stuff that mom & dad use cuz they've got their OWN! They became the go-to after long afternoons at the beach or pool, so we could get everyone's hair back into order. Basically, we love the stuff. 

But I've gotta say, the true amazingness revealed itself as summer turned to school time.  Cooper wakes up with one of the craziest heads of bed head hair I have ever seen,  on the regular. It feels like every new day outdoes the last day, however that is possible. Through pre-school, it was my job to drop him off, so his hair was literally the last thing I'd be worrying about. Gotta get breakfast, get dressed, brush our teeth, get all of our stuff in the car and try to get out the door at a semi-reasonable time. Now, Coop has entered the ranks of kindergarten, and I feel like we can't really play the same "we just rolled outta bed" vibe.  Enter, Tangled Tantrum detangler & conditioning spray + styling paste

Below is just one of our magical transformations. A few sprays of detangler make a world of difference... then we throw on a few dabs of styling paste, and we've got a good lookin, great smellin dude! 

before & after
In addition to all this, Tangled Tantrum products are paraben free. That was something that wasn't on my radar at all, but now knowing more about it, I'm stoked that the dudes are using paraben-free products. Paraben is basically a preservative used in a handful of products which we commonly use. They can mess up a handful of your body's natural processes such as digestion, metabolism, puberty, reproduction, and more! Yikes, right? 

Thanks Tangled Tantrum!! We're hooked!

you can check out TANGLED TANTRUM here, and learn more about their radical paraben-free products! 

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