Tuesday, November 26, 2013


it's that season again... time to start checking out black friday deals, scouring the internet, flipping through the Toys R' Us catalog.
Time to get the little dudes some Christmas presents that will not only knock their socks off, but keep them stoked and hopefully anywhere except in front of the TV!

My littlest dude has taken a liking to banging on my guitars. He likes 'em all.. from the $50 swap meet guitar, to my sweet Epiphone semi-hollowbody that I used to play every day with the band. Shoot, he'll even turn a shovel into a guitar!  I let him use them (& to a certain point, abuse them) because I'm hoping that playing music will be a welcome, comforting idea, rather than a "don't touch dad's stuff!" kinda thing. His favorite guitars have been the 2 ukuleles we have hanging around the house. Obviously, they're small, easy to carry around, easy to play, and actually sound awesome when they're in tune and have a 2-year old bangin' on them.  While he still digs jammin on those, I was starting to do some research on what could be the next step for a rising 2-year old musician.  Out of nowhere, my Mom sent me an email to check out a guitar she found while combing the web...  the LOOG guitar!  It's 3-stringed guitar that was the result of an NYU thesis, turned successful kickstarter project.  The guitar comes un-assembled, so you've got a fun project that helps you and your little one understand how the guitar works. The tuning is based on the 3 high strings on a traditional guitar (G-B-E), so there could be some possible cross-over into 6-string. There are a few different body options, and it looks like they just finished another successful kickstarter campaign to get an electric Loog going. Radical!

Anyhow, I'm stoked to grab one of these for Charley! Maybe we'll put out a 7 inch for the New Year! Thanks for the tip Mom!

check out the video here:

also, check 'em out on Instagram here!

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