Saturday, April 18, 2015


My little dudes and I love to adventure, whether that involves a hike out into the wilderness, or building lego cars and a real deal racetrack too. What follows most of these activities is a reckless tornado that storms through the house, leaving a chaotic path leading to the next project.  Since our number of juvenile tornados has grown to three, my wife and I have a pretty constant job of cleaning up that we've got to team up on. It's always been second nature to me to do whatever I can around the house to make things easier, but recently I got to be a part of the #SwifferDad campaign, and it opened my eyes to how important it is to spread those team vibes on to my kids.

It's crazy to think that stereotypes still exist out there about a dad's role around the house.  My wife and I both work, so we're in the same boat when we arrive back at home for the day.  In the mornings, I've got 2 of the dudes to get dressed, fed, in the car and off to school, but before we leave, I do my best to get the house looking pretty dang near perfect, so that when we get home at the end of the day, we both can relax a little bit and chill with the kids.  It's even better when the dudes can team up with me on the cleaning effort and get it done in record time. In fact, the challenge to be the "Fastest Cleaner", or "Most Spotless Floor Winner" is usually enough motivation to get the whole family involved.  Cleaning up around the house isn't just mom's job, it's everyone's responsibility. That's a reason being part of this video is so cool. It'll leave a lasting impression on my kids how crucial the teamwork element is around the house, and show how good it makes you feel to help out your crew and spread the positive vibes!

So check out this radical video that the dudes and I got to be a part of. Stoked that I could be a part of it; to represent as a proud, hands-on #SwifferDad, and meet some other rad dads in the same shoes! :)  Not to mention, I'm a religious user and fan of the Swiffer WetJet, so I was able to flex some of my cleaning steez in the video.

Lastly, the little dudes got to hang with Anthony Anderson, who you may know from the TV show Blackish, or one of my faves, Kangaroo Jack, on the big screen! Rad times!

I was compensated for participating in the Swiffer video campaign but all thoughts are my own, and I don't team up with stuff that I don't really dig. 

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