Monday, May 11, 2015


When our dudes' attention spans blossomed to the point of being able to stomach a full tv show, we were very ecstatic to introduce Yo Gabba Gabba.  Engaging story lines, amazing animation, and radical musical guests.. CHECK. Being able to show my kids how good Rocket From the Crypt and Dr. Dog are through a lens that they can really appreciate was truly magical.  

Fast forward a year or two, and those sweet dudes have grown to want more action packed adventure on their TV tasting palette. Enter, The Aquabats Super Show: a program with enough excitement, a dash of campy 60's Batman, and some over the top awesome tunes, created by the MC Bat Commander, AKA Christian Jacobs, AKA the Co-Creator of Yo Gabba Gabba. It seems like it's a natural evolutionary step to go from Yo Gabba to the Aquabats Super Show.  We were thrilled when the dudes jumped right aboard and became mega Aquabat fans. We've followed the show around on the now-defunct Hub channel, and have since downloaded every single episode via iTunes

The best part of all, is that our kids are now listening to the same music that my wife and I were glued to when we first met. Pretty dang rad.  And now, both of our older dudes have MULTIPLE real deal rock shows under their belts. If you have an opportunity to take your little one to an Aquabats show, I couldn't recommend it more.  Our kids especially dug the live show after listening to the cds in the car a bit and becoming familiar with a handful of songs. Some of our obvious faves are: "Super Rad", "Shark Fighter", "My Skateboard" and "Hey Homies". The Aquabats are very appreciative of the wide age range within their audience and take extra care that everyone is having the best time, especially the young ones.  

Get out and get to a show! Bring your kids!

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