Monday, July 20, 2015


hey! it's been a while! All the dudes finished up the school, and around the same time, we moved! I mean, physically, we've been busy moving around what feels like every week of every month, but that's our pace. But we also moved into a new house a couple miles from our last one. It was a good lesson in procrastination and time management, but we're all settled, and the garage is only 30% filled with boxes now.  So let's get back to that body-moving, relentless pace that we're so accustomed to!

This past weekend was no exception. After I got back home from a quick (fun) work trip to Chicago, with bags full of Ugly Dolls and snow globes, we decided to hoof it over to the Long Beach Antique Market.  It had definitely been a while since we've last made it up there, and with a newfound interest in 1960's era Batman, we thought the kids might have some extra fun.  Although we battled some 90 degree humid heat, overpriced frozen lemonades, and some tired legs, we all made it out with something good. The dudes scored a couple of Beanie babies for 50 cents each... Remember when people were investing in those to save for their children's college tuition? WILD.  I grabbed a cool book on Tiki culture. Carolyn grabbed an army issue storage piece for the kitchen table (it sounds weird, but it totally rules).  Lastly, as pictured above, the kids found (another) 'toy heaven', where boxes and boxes of "dollar bins" were spread around for them to pick through and find the PERFECT car to add to their collection of what has to be at least 2 hundred thousand back at the house. I know, because I moved them all. HA. 

Definitely a great trip that we will do again, armed with some water filled squirt bottles, some oversized straw hats, and strollers... for all of us. 

til next time.  hope you find what you've been looking for. 

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