Monday, December 14, 2015


We're a pretty lucky family to have our scruffy lil' pup Maggie Mae. Well shoot, she's not a puppy anymore, but given the "fountain of canine youth" that is being half Chihuahua, she's already 10 but looking like a tween in dog years.  We got her before we had any our little dudes, and she couldn't have welcomed them any more properly. She has to keep pace with the stroller at all times... never ahead, and never behind. She's always game to clean faces from sloppy yogurt eating, or drippy ice cream cones. And no matter how many times one of the dudes lays down on her on the couch, she'll gladly take the attention.

I was even luckier to get hooked up with a Bark Box by my friends over at Swiffer. They're teaming up to get a free Bark Box Welcome Kit to anyone who adopts a pup from a partnering shelter through the month of December (you can find a list here)! Swiffer and Bark Box are making sure that cleaning woes aren't gonna stop you from bringing a new furry pal into your home. The Bark Box comes packed with goodies including a sweet Bark Toy and bag of treats, as well as a Swiffer Duster, a coupon for a free Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit, and a sweet Welcome Home Guide to help ease the transition for a pup into a house of children!

It's cool to see Swiffer and Bark Box working to make adopting pets even more of a no brainer :)
Thanks for making my dog smile (I can tell, I swear) and for helping others find sweet new homes!!

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